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How To Self Publish A Book

How To Self Publish A Book

If you need comprehensive information about how to self-publish a book, you're in the right place. Whether you intend to publish your manuscript as an ebook, paperback, hardcover, or all, Bookemon is your go-to source for reliable guidance and easy book creation. As you likely know, writing a book is a massive undertaking. At the same time, it is only a small fraction of what is involved with self-publishing a book. Although it's hard work, anyone can do it, and the payoff is high when you succeed.

Amazon is Not What it Was, but it is Still the King of Self-Publishing

When Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) was new, many authors were making very lucrative profits from their self-published books. Unfortunately, as individuals learned how profitable KDP was, many people who had no business writing books began self-publishing boatloads of them. A system of outsourcing books cheaply on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork to "writers" in other countries developed. People would pay for "books" to be written and publish them under their name or a pseudonym and make a killing.

As you can imagine, an English book written by a non-native English speaking person who knows nothing of the subject they're writing about isn't going to make for a good book. Because so many readers had terrible experiences, Amazon changed its algorithms dramatically to prevent this from happening. Now, it is not as easy to self-publish a book and have the kind of success authors once had, especially since there are now roughly 5 million books in the Kindle Store. Now, authors need to be marketers as well.

Don't Publish a How-To Book!!!

Much of the old ebook outsourcing method revolved around creating "how-to" books. On Amazon, you can find a how-to book on any subject your mind can imagine and then some! These types of books typically don't do as well on Amazon as they used to. Today, fiction books with compelling titles, covers, art, and keywords are usually much more prosperous than non-fiction works. Whether your book is fiction or non-fiction, you'll need an excellent title, an attractive cover, and most importantly, an excellent book. As Amazon's readers purchase and read your book, they will leave you good reviews, and Amazon will take notice and more readily promote your book to readers interested in similar topics.

Bookemon for Creative Authors

This is a program for self-published authors who are ready to invest a little into their book's success. This program has a one-time fee of $99, which is mere pennies for what you get in return. The Bookemon for Creative Authors program submits your book to the ISBN database for worldwide circulation, assigns your book an ISBN-13 International Standard Book Number and barcode, lists your book on Amazon for you, generates an ebook automatically, takes care of book pricing, and even sends you a free hard copy once the book is published. Bookemon can help you learn how to self-publish a book that will sell.

How To Self Publish A Book
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How To Self Publish A Book
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