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Make My Own Book

Make My Own Book

Going from the thought, "I want to make my own book" to publishing a manuscript is a big deal. You may see or hear advertisements on TV and radio telling you to submit your manuscript for publishing by a publishing company. They will sell you on the idea that they can help with marketing, editing, book cover creation, getting your book into stores, and offer to feature your book in their monthly book club catalog. They even say things like, "Not every book will be approved," or "If your book meets our standards...," which makes such companies seem legit to unwitting and inexperienced authors.

Then, after you submit your manuscript, you get an email saying, "Congratulations, your manuscript has been approved." You jump for joy and tell yourself, "I knew they would love my book!" Then, you continue reading, and you realize that you have to pay them thousands of dollars to get your book published. You realize it was a scam. You fire off an email telling the publishing company to shove it and feel exploited. Now, you have to think about your options.

Bookemon Can Help You Sell Your Book

For a one-time fee of only $99, Bookemon can help you with many of the things that publishing companies do for their clients, but you won't have to spend thousands of dollars on a book when you don't know how it will perform anyway. We have many free, DIY features on that allow you to custom-build your book quickly and painlessly. Simply take your files, images, text, web pages, documents, etc., and upload them our Online Creator. You will be able to turn your content into a beautiful, well structured, and well-designed book.

Remember, in the world self-publishing, first impressions are everything. Make sure that every part of your book captivates and lures in its potential readers. You want people to say to themselves, "I've got to have this book!" Your book cover, your table of contents, your copyright page, your foreword; they all need to look professional, highly interesting, and unique.

What if My Book Doesn't Sell?

If you self-publish a book, and it does well, you will likely want to self-publish more books. Conversely, if you self-publish a book, and it flops, you might be discouraged and not want to invest the time, effort, and money it took you to create the first book again. We encourage every aspiring author to use Bookemon to maximize their chances of success. Never to give up on your self-publishing dreams until you get it right. With each failure, you will learn something new. Don't view your failures as failures. View failures as the doorsteps to success.

Bookemon Can Help!

Whether you prefer free or paid options, Bookemon is must-have for every author. Take advantage of our free templates and clip art to make your book more professional and legit. If you have thought, "I want to make my own book," you are on the right track. Self-publishing can be highly rewarding when done correctly. Bookemon can help you do it right.

Make My Own Book
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Make My Own Book
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