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Self Publishing

Self Publishing

If you are an aspiring author, there has never been a better time to write, self-publish, and sell your books. The marketplace for books is growing, and there is much money to be earned. Thankfully, we live in the post-publisher era where self-publishing is widespread, and everyday authors can sell their books directly to readers. The downside is that the self-publishing market is saturated with books covering every issue under the sun. Does this mean that self-publishing is no longer viable?

Thriving in a Highly Competitive Marketplace

There is still plenty of money to be earned in the self-publishing world. Over time, an author could build up enough passive income from his/her book royalties to live on. This has been the case for years, but with so much competition in the marketplace, it is crucial that authors learn additional skills and don't take shortcuts.

Many of the self-proclaimed KDP "Gurus" will tell you that you have to review swap, purchase reviews, or ask readers for reviews; all of which are violations of KDP's User Terms. These "teachers" teach their students tricks to manipulate Amazon's algorithm and thus rank their books higher. What they fail to teach their students is that authors can get further by giving the algorithms what they want rather than by manipulating them. So what does the Amazon algorithm want?

The Amazon Search Engine Algorithm in a Nutshell

Amazon has programmed its algorithm to weed out sub-par and bad books and give their readers great books. Although the algorithm isn't perfect, it does a very good of this in general. Think about it; Amazon's readers (not publishers) are the ones who buy books. Although Amazon makes a small profit off of each book sold on KDP, they also realize that no books will be getting sold without happy customers. If you want Amazon to give favor to your book and advertise it to its customers, give its readers excellent books!

What Makes a Book Great?

This begs another question; what is an excellent book? Although the definition of a great book is mostly defined by each reader, their preferences, and their opinions, there are some tangible ways to recognize a great book, whether a person is interested in the topic of the book or not.
A great book has a great title, subtitle, book cover, and book description (and great stuff between the covers). Bookemon makes it easy for people just like you to transform their raw manuscripts into compelling, engaging, and professional-looking books.

All a Bookemon user has to do is upload their manuscripts, add web pages (for authors who want to make a book out of their blog posts), .pdf and .docx files, images, and more. You can even create an expert book cover with our fantastic software. If you're new to self-publishing and you want to get it right on the first go-round, be sure to visit and make your own book for free.

Self Publishing
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Self Publishing
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