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Self Publishing A Book

Self Publishing A Book

Self-publishing a book is an attractive option for many aspiring authors to sell directly to readers and begin to establish a fan base. Not long ago, to get a book published, a new author would need lots of money or a big name book publisher to get their book into wide circulation. If a book were turned down by a publisher, it would likely never make it onto bookshelves. Thanks mainly to Amazon, and other self-publishing platforms, anyone can now publish a book.

How Big Should My Book Be?

If you intend to publish your back in paperback or hard-cover form, your book should be at least 20,000-30,000 words. Many new authors like to use KDP and Amazon's Create Space. KDP is for ebooks and Create Space is Amazon's platform for physical copies of books by self-published authors. When you upload your manuscript to KDP, you will have an option to enroll the new book in Create Space. Books less than 20,000-30,000 words tend to print off like leaflets. It's okay to publish a smaller book as a "Short Read" or even as an audio-book, but make sure your book is at least 100 pages if you want to make a physical copy of it.

Amazon is More Competitive but Still Highly Profitable

Amazon can still be highly profitable, although it will never be what it was at its conception. One reason why Amazon is no longer as lucrative as it once was is that there is far more competition on Amazon today than in the beginning. In 2012, There were only approximately 500,000 ebooks on Amazon's KDP. Today, there are roughly 5 million ebooks in the Kindle Store. With that much competition, you can expect that there are already several to countless books on the same subject you are writing about. Therefore, you must know how to effectively market and promote your book if you want Amazon readers to choose your book over your competitors'.

What Can Bookemon Do for Me?

Once you have your manuscript written, you will have to turn it into a legitimate book. At bookemon, we help authors turn their documents, photos, and text into books in a matter of moments for free. Since you need your book to look professional, you need a powerful tool that lets you convert your docx, .pdf, Web pages, images, and other files quickly to MOBI and EPUB formats with the features, layout, and feel of a real book. With bookemon, you can turn your content into a beautiful book design page by page or by using one of our templates.

With Bookemon, you'll be able to design covers, access clipart, and templates, edit, collaborate and do so much more to create the best book possible and give your book the best chance for success. Whether you plan to self-publish children's books, biographies, photo calendars, poetry books, yearbooks, novels, how-to books, or any other kind of book you can imagine, self-publishing a book doesn't have to be complicated or confusing when you use bookemon.

Self Publishing A Book
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Self Publishing A Book
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