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Self Publishing Companies

Self Publishing Companies

Most self publishing companies you come across on the Web want to sell you as many copies of your book as they can, all the while pretending their services are free. Not so at Bookemon- our book creating tools are absolutely free to use, and there is never an obligation to purchase your books once they’re completed. Buy copies only if and when you want to keep them on hand for gift-giving, sales, or book-signing occasions.

Why Choose Bookemon For Your Manuscript?

We do things a little differently here at Bookemon; we empower authors to become self-reliant rather than remaining dependent upon their publisher. When you self-publish your book through our website, you’ll retain the copyright to your book, you’ll set your royalty, and you’ll choose the price you want your customers to pay if you elect to sell through our Creative Author Press.

We can make your book publishing dream finally come to fruition when you opt in to our CAP program. For just $99, your book will be assigned a permanent ISBN-13 number, converted into an ebook at no additional cost to you, and be made available for global circulation, starting with Amazon. Other self publishing companies charge thousands of dollars to sell through Amazon- we like to keep things simple at Bookemon.

Discover the Numerous Benefits of the CAP Program

Opting in to CAP, you’ll stay in total control of your book sales while we partner with Amazon to manage the details of your transactions. Once your book is listed on Amazon, you’ll be able to sit back and watch as royalties build. You’ve already put in the hard work of writing and creating your book; now is the time to let all of your hard work pay off. You can learn more about how the CAP program works and everything you’ll be entitled to under the program when you click the ‘Create’ link and select Creative Author Press from the menu.

Choose Your File Type

Create a hard or soft cover copy of your book in just a few minutes using the Bookemon tools that convert your PDF, PPT, or Word document to text. Select from Quick & Easy or use one of the numerous templates available along the way. Best of all, there’s no software to learn- just drag and drop your file and photos and see your book in print in minutes. If you decide to purchase one or more copies of your book, you could be holding your very own book in your hands in a matter of days!

Why Keep Books on Hand

Self publishing companies try to force their authors into buying a minimum number of books in order to use their Web tools; we don’t think that’s in the best interest of our authors, and we’ll never try to make you buy books you don’t want or need.

If you choose to purchase copies of your book, you’ll find we make them available at the lowest prices available online. Stock up for your first book-signing and see how easy it is to print, order, and sell your books in your own community.

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Self Publishing Companies
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