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Barbara June Walker Foerch was born on July 18, 1929. She attended Michigan State University where she met Dick Foerch. Barbara and Dick married on August 26, 1950. They raised 6 children, Jeff, Brad, Steve, Doug, Laura and Shelley. Barbara and Dick loved camping and so took their children all over the United States. They began their adventures camping in their car with nothing but netting over the back and a hand made screen for privacy while changing. They eventually worked their way up to tents in various sizes and finally many years later they ended up with a beautiful 30 foot trailer with slide out sides - luxuries they did not imagine in 1952! There were many adventures, successful trips and mishaps. Both Barbara and Dick are wonderful parents. They love the outdoors and helped their children to love it too. They lived the learn-as-you-go theory and taught us to make due when things did not go as planned. So many life lessons were learned and lived on those trips. There were also many successes and fun times that will live on as the story is passed down from generation to generation. Barbara is the true family historian and without her diligent and often very humorous, note taking many if not all of these stories would be lost.
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