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Book PageElisabeth Anna Marcus 1848-1887
Book PageJannette DeGroot 1878-
Book PageInder mauer
Book PagePiet Van Kessel
Book PageJacob Van Kessel 6 months
Book PageJacob Van Kessel 4years
Book PageElisabeth DeGroot 1895-1975
Book PageElisabeth De Groot-left 1918?
Book PageElisabeth DeGroot
Book PageElisabeth DeGroot and Jacob Van Kessel
Book PageCegienas Petrus Wenundus Van Kessel born
Book PageCegienas Petrus Wenundus Van Kessel 5yrs
Book PageCegienas in middle
Book PageCegienas with siblings and cousins
Book PageCegienas on beach with family 1930
Book PageFamily Picture 1930
Book PageSchool picture 1931
Book PageSchool picture 1935
Book PageHanging out with cousins 1940s

Van Kessel Family History