Book PagePatricia - Brooklyn Queen
Book PageThe Queens Make-Over (Hair)
Book PageThe Queens Make Over (MakeUp)
Book PageAngel's Party for Grandma
Book PageThe Table
Book PageThe Tables
Book PageThe Tea Sets and Flowers
Book PageThe Hats
Book PageKids Gift Bags
Book PageAdult Gift Bags
Book PageYellow and Orange for Mom
Book PageThe Cake
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Book PageLeo The Lion's Chair
Book PagePatricia's Table
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Book PageAunt Brenda all the way from NC
Book PageCousin Yvonne... tried to avoid the camera
Book PageThe Old School Crew
Book PageMr. & Mrs. Howard (love them)
Book PageLenny, Aunt Brenda and Aunt Donna
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Book PagePatricia with The Two Elder Kids
Book PageBeautiful Patricia
Book PageFriend's for 70 Years
Book PageEstell and Desi (College Buddies)
Book PageMom and her Girls
Book PageThe Grand Girls
Book PageGiGi, GrandMa and Angel
Book PageWhere is Jahan?
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Book PagePatricia and Elosise...they go WAY back
Book PageJorge and Patricia
Book PageThe Twin, Patricia and Peggy (her girls)
Book PagePatricia getting a hug from Nancy
Book PageBig Bro William Kisses Mom
Book PageMelissa and Angel
Book PageMary and Nolan's Son
Book PageBuddies from Spain (Desi and Wendy)
Book PageMary, Nolan and Mom
Book PageWendy's Mom, Patricia and Wendy
Book PageAunt Donna ...luv you!
Book PageRhea, Jorge and Lau-Rene
Book PageTrent, Tweena, Her Mom and Mine
Book PageLenny, made sure he brought them all
Book PageEloise and her daughter
Book PageThe Twins Jane and Joyce
Book PageTrent and Tweena's Mom
Book PageLiv and Des - Time to Go
Book PageMommy and Joan
Book PageJoan and her Daughter
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Book PageGrandma and her Grands plus two more
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Book PageLau-Rene giving her speech
Book PageTeresa and Lau-Rene
Book PageDesi giving her speech
Book PageLiv dropping flowers for the entrance
Book PageGiGi dropping Flowers for the entrance
Book PageMom and her boys escorting her out
Book PageRhea and Patricia
Book PageGetting our Grub on
Book PageAngel singing and Playing to Grandma
Book PageLook how Proud she looks
Book PagePatricia getting her dance on
Book PagePeggy and the Twins
Book PageWilliam giving his speech
Book PageAngel singing and playing
Book PageMom dancing with her girls
Book Page
Book PageOlivia giving a speech to Grandma
Book PageNolan giving a speech to Patricia
Book PageShawn giving her speech
Book PageRhea giving her speech
Book PageHug from her baby
Book PageThe two elders
Book PageJoan giving her speech
Book PageTweena giving her speech
Book PagePeaches giving her speech
Book PageToast to the Birthday Queen
Book PageEveryone Toast the Birthday Queen
Book PageLau-Rene, Bubbles and Cheryl
Book PageNancy hugs Mom
Book PageLiv and her Grandma
Book PageMom watching us toast her
Book PageBeauty with Wisdom
Book PageMom at her Cake
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Book PageJust cut the cake
Book PageMake a Wish.....Bllllooooowwww
Book PageVal and Lau-Rene
Book PageFun with Party Props
Book PageBrother and Sister
Book PageThe Manuels
Book PageThe DJ
Book PageDance Time
Book PageWe Love You Patricia
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Patricia's 80th Birthday - 2018