Book PageSchool is out and Summer is here.
Book PageI'm ready to go to the beach this year!
Book PageIt's hot outside, too hot to play
Book PageLet's all go to the beach for the day
Book PageOh No! What is happening here?
Book PageOur dream of beach fun has disappeared
Book PageWe want to swim with the fish and explore
Book PageBut it seems we must stay stuck on shore
Book PageSomeone has thrown their trash in the sea
Book PageIt is ruining all our fun, don't you see
Book PageSo pick up your trash and keep it nice
Book PageBecause the sea is home for all fish life
Book PageOur friend's shouldn't suffer for our lack
Book PageSo keep the ocean clean and give back
Book PageFriend's in the sea will grin ear to ear
Book PageAnd we can once again swim without fear
Book PageLet's start a trend and come together
Book PageTo keep our ocean clean forever
Book PageLife's a Beach if we keep it clean!
Book Page

Keep It Clean