Sandra's Butterfly
Flamingo Art Tile ~ Portu Love ❤️
Asian Allure
Off The Wall Garage Art
Lady Sings The Blues
Fashionista Fiona
Funky Napkin Art
Funky Table Art
Lonely Lola
Pastel Sax Funk
Darling Dalmatian ~ Sharpie & Pastel
Ariel on a Napkin
Penny For Your Thoughts
Patriotic Pup
Charcoal City
Debra Lynn's Lady
Delightful Diva
Dance Sister Dance
My My Mary Taylor
Cameron's Jammin'
Less Is More ~ Sax Appeal
Jazz & Jill Ran Up the Hill
Scapes ~ Oil Painting
Rainbow Scape
Less is More ~ blue blast
She Red, White & Blue Me Away
Scapes ~ The Getaway
Less Is More ~ More or Less
I'd Be Lion ~ Sharpie & Pastel Funk
Lucy Lost Her Mind
All Keyed Up
Less is More ~ Sitting Sax So What
Shake It UP ~ BUTTerfly Baby
Eye Got My Eye On You ~ pastel canvas
Scapes ~ Pastel Canyon
Dreads of Blue ~ Sharpie & Pastel Funk
Scapes ~ Fly By the Light of the Moon
Less is More ~ Franz the Frenchman
Lost in Love ~ Sharpie & Pastel delight
Billy got Baked ~ Pastel Perfecto
Boats ~ Blue Sharpie Sail
Cats ~ Calvin
Birds ~ Fly Like an Eagle
Scapes ~ Peaceful Pastel
A River Runs Through It ~ Pastel
Jazzy ~ Tickle the Ivory
Boats ~ Boys in a Boat
Less is More ~ Dream Lover Sharpie
Bad Ass Boy ~ Sharpie Pup
Super Maddox ~ for Barbara Markle
Stone Cold ~ Pastel
Irish Lass ~ Sharoie & Pastel
Sir Scotty Cat ~ for CVDV
Chaka Rocks ~ Pastel Yell
Dragon My Heart Around ~ Sharpie & Pastel
A Day in the City ~ for the PortuGirl
Why or Why Not ~ Sharpie
Little Boy Blue ~ Sharpie
Cat Boy ~ Sharpie
Lazy Ass Cat ~ Sharpie
Hey 19 ~ for Debra Warren
Thank you ~ Regards, Patrick ❤️
Sweet Sunrise - Sharpie & Pastel

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