Book PageWe met because of this
Book PageI was so nervous to first meet you.
Book PageBut little did I know what was beginning
Book PageThe zoo started our day
Book PageAnd you continue to show me great things
Book PageWorcester was an adventure all right
Book PageYou tolerated my drunk singing
Book PageAnd the pizza lured you in. Oops!!!!
Book PageThen there was Mohegan Sun
Book PageWe stared at this & talked & laughed
Book PageBloody Mary's in the hot tub are now a mus
Book PageWe took thebest bath/shower of my life
Book PageBlizzard day was the best
Book PageThere is no one better to eat pizza with
Book PageThen there was the comedy show.
Book PageYou never stop making me laugh
Book Page
Book PageAnd you are such a good sport
Book Page
Book PageIn love learning what you like
Book PageAnd learning what not to say
Book Page
Book PageYou have seen me at my worst
Book PageAnd yet I know you still care
Book PageAnd though the distance may sting

Our adventure

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