First keto, "healthy", then low cal!
Keto breakfast: This was a staple on keto
Keto breakfast: Mexican egg scramble
Keto breakfast: Protein waffle
Close up!
Keto waffle w/ egg white scramble
Healthy breakfast: Medi waffle w/ fruit
Healthy breakfast: Avocado and egg toast
Huge egg white scramble w/ berries
Egg white scramble w/ orange
Whole grain waffle w/ 1 egg and 2 e/w
Low cal breakfast: Egg scramble w/ waffle
Egg white scrambe w/ lowfat waffle/berries
egg white scrambe/english muffin/berries
Triple Okos greek yogurt w/ berries
Keto lunch: Turkey lettuce wraps w/ cheese
Keto lunch: 2x2 burger w/ greens
Healthy lunch: Loaded sandwich w/ gb
Close up!
Lemon and herb chicken
Loaded salad
Loaded sandwich
Sandwich w/ a salad
Lemon chicken w/ mashed potatoes/ gb
Low cal lunch: Grilled sandwich w/ popcorn
Low cal dinner: Cauliflower rice w/ shrimp
Low cal dinner: o/r chicken and broccoli
Low cal dinner: Chicken and gb salad
Good macro sauce is a must!
Thin pork chop and a whole lot of brussles
Grilled chicken salad w/lite honey mustard
Healthy snack: protein shake
Low cal snack: Sugar free gum
Low cal dessert: sugarfree Jello w/berries
Eating out low cal.....
Beware of unhealthy salads!
Eating low cal? Eat small portions
That is my meal plan meals!
Thank you so much for reading!

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