New start!
Let's tell the world!
First trip!
Go team!
Perfect pic!
First holiday!
Happy new year!
Look at us!
It's cold but we have each other!
1 year!
All dressed up!
Turkey day!
We are terrible
Our best friend!
Sand in our toes!
Let's cook something good!
Merry Christmas!
Snuggle me good!
On the town!
My hot date!
My valentine!
Beautiful view
Fun in the sun!
V day surprise!
Doesn't get better!
Look what we did!
Ready for summer!
We are a pretty good team!
We share!
Clean as a whistle!
Ice cream!
Snuggle all day!
We are cute!
Sleepin good!
Let's get away!
Wanna go to the dog Park!
We clean up nice!
Summer love!
Cozy christmas!
Welcome to our home!

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