Long arms are good for swimming
Nice and warm
Keeping dads spot warm
Boat rides are my favorite
I watch every move
Afternoon naps
Silky ears
Every chair makes a good spot
So handsome
Floppy ears
Always happy
All curled up
Sunshine feels good
Sometimes I have a dirty face
I make sure every blanket is soft
Sometimes I sleep in
I’m always good at the groomer
Even the groomer thinks I’m handsome
I’ll even steal your hat
Show off after tubby time
I also take selfies
Can’t get enough kisses
I’m good at snuggling
They think I’m a human
Before my curls came in
Very first picture
Lunch time visits
Santa comes to my house
My curls cover my eyes sometimes
My sissy takes way to many pictures
I can fetch any stick
If my family snuggles I snuggle too
Sometimes I need a tubby
I’ll always find a spot
I’ll help decorate the tree
Snuggling is my favorite thing to do
I’m the little brother
Say cheese!
Please throw the stick in the lake
I’m one of the kids too
I find good spots outside too
My sissy makes me look silly
I’ll swim all day long
This is my lake, isn’t it pretty
I’ll pose for pictures
When my dad sits in this room I do too
Youngest opens a present first
We even take snowy walks
It’s always a good time for a nap
Fresh air on my boat
This is my ball
I smell the fall leaves
I have little teeth see
My big sissy!
Always curious
They think it’s funny when I do this
Even I get chilly
My daddy makes good fires
Overall I’m the luckiest dog in the world

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