This is me and my three lovely sisters.
Teaching my dad to play the guitar.
Late snack on the pilgrimage to Michigan
Playing loud to evangelize with psalms
The dooms place at Michigan.
Great lesson we learned being at the dooms
Me and my brothers from the community
Word from God at the Michigan park
At the park in Michigan with the brothers
Playing songs and praying
Walking for miles to preach
Dancing and singing to the Lord
Eucharist at a Michigan beach
At a pilgrimage in New York
Making a stand for Life with the youth
Our sweaters for the youth group
Pilgrimage in New Jersey
Walking for miles to preach the word
One died for all; all should die for him
Father Raul giving the youth a word
The youth group making a stand
Beautiful image of the Virgin Mary
Couldn’t resist a little splash
My little sister on her first pilgrimage

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