Make Cookbook for Family and Friends

Now, you can make your own personal cookbook online at Bookemon. There is no better gift than to share your favorite family recipes and home cooking secrets with your family and friends. No more, messy index cards and handwritten recipes on loose papers, you can make your own professional looking, family cookbook in bookstore quality print and for online viewing with ease.
We offer ready to use cookbook templates and tools for you to make cookbook of your own design. There are more than 128 color choices for text and page background and over 20 different fonts for you to choose from. You can use one of the seven cookbook templates to start your cookbook project or you could decide to create your own design completely and start with our blank book templates. Our cookbook builder online also provides you with an extensive library of clip art relevant to cooking such as spoon, mixing bowl and salt shaker. There is no need for you to have any prior experience in creating your own cookbook; Bookemon makes it easy for you to create a one of a kind cookbook of your own design.
You can make a cookbook with as little as 20 pages or up to 460 pages in length. Our books come in Portrait, Square or Landscape orientation of various sizes in either soft or hardcover format. Recipes can be copied and pasted from your existing collection on your computer, scanned in or typed using the online Book Builder. After your have completed your cookbook project, you can order as little as a single copy or as many copies as you need whenever you wish. And best of all, your treasured family recipes will be preserved in perpetuity.

Making a Cookbook
At Bookemon, we believe that bookmaking should be easy, fun and enriching. Everyone has their favorite home cooking tips, special recipes from Mom and Grandma and untold stories behind the meals you share with your family and friends. Book is a perfect medium to capture and preserve them for your family today and the future generations. There are many types of cookbook you can make at Bookemon. Our members have created personalized cookbooks of all sorts and here are just a few ideas for you.
Family Reunion cookbook
To celebrate your family reunion, a cookbook with pictures, stories and recipes from you and family members make for a perfect gift for the occasion. You can also personalize it to honor a special guest or a member of your family.
Parents or Grandparents Cookbook
There is no better way to preserve memories of your parents or grandparents than having a cookbook made with their recipes and stories. Recall the special occasion when special meals were served and forever capture the untold stories in your own cookbook.
School Cookbook Collections
It is fun to collect recipes of your students' favorite food and create a cookbook for your class or school. A cookbook created by your students will be cherished by everyone within the school and parents. The project will be fun and rewarding for the students. Imagine the joy on their face when you show them the bookstore quality book they have created together.

Tools and Tips on Making Your Own Book
You have three options to choose from to start creating your books and they are:
1. Start with a Blank Template
If you are self-assured and quite comfortable with using technology and standard PC or MAC applications, then you can use this option to create a book totally of your own design. We provide you with a library of clipart, page backgrounds, text and image box frames and individual page templates to simplify your design tasks.
2. Start with a Document
If you have your book completely or mostly created on your computer already, you will be able to upload them to create your book using this option. Our site supports Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Adobe PDF file formats. You can use our online Bookbuilder to add more pages to your book online and to accentuate your pages using our extensive clipart library.
3. Start with a pre-designed template
To make it simple for majority of our members to create their books for the first time, we provide a library of book templates for every theme offered on our site. These templates come with a set of book pages designed and pre-arranged to fit the theme of the book template you have chosen. You are free to follow the template page designs exactly or with your own creative variation. In fact, using a pre-designed template won't limit your ability to modify any of the template pages or remove them altogether. Once you feel comfortable with the online Bookbuilder, you can design the book exactly the way you like.

The Bookmaking process
Once you have created your book, you will be ready to add content to your book pages. Here are a few tips:
1. Uploading photos, clipart or documents
Under the left panel of the Bookbuilder, you will find the Media Library containing sections for photos, clipart and documents. Choose one of the sections to upload your content into your newly created book. Photos uploaded into your book will be saved under the Photo section of the Media Library panel. Similarly, clipart can be uploaded into the clipart section and documents in MS Word, Powerpoint or PDF formats can be uploaded into the document section.
2. Adding Photos and Clipart onto a page
From photo section under the Media Library, use Drag N' Drop to place a selected photo onto a book page. If you drag it onto an existing image box on the page, the photo will be placed inside the image box. If none existed on the page, then photos placed on the page will have an image box created for it automatically.
3. Adding Text in your book
Before you can add text onto a book page, you will need to create a text box. To enter text content in the text box, click on the textbox to reveal its editing menu bar and choose Edit. Once you enter into the Text Editor, you will be able to directly enter text into the textbox or use Cut N' Paste to copy text content from elsewhere into the textbox in question.

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