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Making books from documents lets you create books from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Adobe PDF documents you have created and collected on your desktop PC. Now, you can easily turn your writings, blogs, drawings, images, archive documents and a wide variety of content into your own book. Put your content into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Adobe PDF files, upload them into your book at Bookemon and your book could be published in no time. Please make sure the dimensions of your documents are close to the dimensions and orientation of the book format you choose to create your book.

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Please select proper book size based on your document size. In most cases, please select book size which is same or at least very close to your document size. If you want your document content looks bigger when print, you can select a book size which is bigger than your document size. Or, you might want your content to be printed smaller, then, you can select a smaller book size than your document

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