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Dristi Gurung
About Me
Hi,I am Dristi Gurung,a 14-year-old Nepalese teenager born on 15 March,1998.My parents named me Dristi because they have been believing that I will accomplish great things with my life by seeing and learning as the meaning of my name is vision;to see,actual sight where,Grg is the short form of my surname.

When I was 11-years-old,my life was suddenly different.Me and my elder sister,Diya moved to Hong Kong to settle down with our parents.Although I struggled with learning Chinese (Cantonese),playing recorder,and more which I had never experienced since I lived with my grandparents in my homeland ,Phokara,Nepal where things were not as developed as in here or any other countries.My parents throughly supported me.They even bought me a two in one acoustic guitar in Tom Lee after some hours I asked them.

Tom Lee is a chain of musical instruments retailers,with location in Hong Kong and Canada. Their main showroom is at Cameron Lane in Hong Kong. Their Tsim Sha Tsui,the place where I live makes it the largest musical instrument store in Hong Kong and possibly in South East Asia.

At the age of 12,I started performing at one of our Girls' school ,St. Margaret's singing songs by Taylor Swift.I love her because I was inspired by her talent.I also started writing my on songs.I write songs about my adventures and misadventures,most of which concern love.Though I haven't fall in love yet.My first song was ,"Too Late".Sooner or Later,you all will probably know what the song is about.Well ,that would be the starting time of my career.After I got my guitar,I started learning how-to-play through online.Though I was learning online,everyone noticed I was better and better each day.So my parents engaged me in Tom Lee for a course of half an hour each week.I wanted to have it for at least a hour.But,the problem was Tom Lee' schedule swas full and I also had to focus on my school studies as I wanted to be a computer engineer since I was 5 ! I still do some research and learn it's basic and some difficult software programmes.

After few months,I finished my Fundamental book,then started book A1 .I still have some number of books to complete all the levels.Then,I joined a competition in which I had to form my own band.We performed Tell Me Why by Taylor Swift and What The Hell by Avril Lavigne. We rocked the satge on the 22/May/2011.Even though we didn't won the competition as it was my first time to perform with my own created band ,we still got certificates for it ! And I named my band as "Skool Duddettes" me as the lead singer and guitarist.

I am still thankful to them for being with me.

Beside music,I am good at dancing as I have performed many times on stage and will be in future.I started dancing since I was a kid.Every time my mom used to visit me and my family.The first thing I would do was to check out her bags to see what she bought for me,Second would be to show my dance and what I had learnt throughout the year.My mom and other members of my house used to smile and hug me. They told me I did quite well.And the teachers at every school's I have been including Rainbow in Phokara and British Gurkha Academy in the capital of Nepal had told me that I am a shy person.However,I am another girl when I am on stage.

I do write stories,poems,lyrics,etc.I am a Junior Reporter of South China Moring Post-Student Standard.I get to publish some of works and attend many exciting events such as meeting an author as I did on 11th March,2012.I met Eliza Teoh and had such a wonderful time! And to read some of my small works,do visit,my username is : Dristigrg42.

I also think that learning languages is pretty cool as I can speak "NEPALI""(coz I'm nepali ),''HINDI"(this is coz every Nepalese watch indian movies so they often knows hindi so do I ),"CHINESE CANTONESE"( I know this language coz I live in HK ),"ENGLISH"(coz this is an international languages and used all over the world and I can speak this as my first language ),"FRENCH"(this is coz I choosed french to learn at school) and finally I also know "KOREAN" but only
greetings,numbers and some sentences/questions.

This much for now! Stay in touch to get to know more about me. I love you all. And thank you so much to you, or anyone else who has spent four minutes on me in some way. ♥

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Harry Potter series
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Fantasy/ Biography
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Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne
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Personal Quote
"Bring out your inner Princess."

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