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Chesapeake, VA
About Me
I have come a long way in my cooking abilities, just ask my husband. He has endured many meals of burnt food. I have learned that everything is not high-fried, that there is another temperture setting on the stove other than high. However, I did not learn this principle until I nearly burnt our home down several times.

I hope you enjoy this cookbook. It is some of my favorite recipes. For those that know me, you are quite aware that I have dsylexia. There might be ingredient measurements that are incorrect and misspelled words. If the recipe does not taste right, just reverse the measurements and it should be fine! God gave me the gift of dsylexia and I count it as one of my many blessings.

Happy cooking.....remember one thing in life...No one can ride your back unless you are bent over....Stand up Straight!

Now, let's go cook something.....

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