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Okland Park
About Me
I am fourteen and go to Sebastian River Middle School. Well to start off I am a bubbly, flirty person who is totally awesome and outgoing. Well any who I love music (which is my life), food, and friends. To begin with, music is like my boyfriend. It keeps me alive. One type of music I cant stand is country. After that is food, FOODDDD Is sooo awesome. It makes any hurt person feel better. Like when I want to cry I eat ice cream and then like it makes you feel fat and joyful. Lol. Then last but not least my friends. They always have my back no matter what. (: Moving on I loveeee my dogs, and nature. I don't like strawberries... Ewwwww, and I hate people who act like they are my friends but they really aren't. Um let me see... What else is there? Well my favorite food is.... Cupcakes. Hehe (: Its sooo sweet. Well that is all I have to say. Lol. If you want to know more message me.

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Favorite Book
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Stephine Meyers
Favorite Book Genre
Favorite Music Genre
Anything but country
Favorite Movie
Personal Quote
"Have to keep moving on in life"

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