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Born in a world not of my own choosing. I knew then I was a true Gypsy...I Had many mothers and one amazing father who gave me the wings to fly free .. Seldom where my brothers therefore sisters none. My Passion is Poetry, collecting brilliant books and Art work that I keep in storage for I have no home to display my world ...I am satisfied with my my mistakes, the lesson had its merits, my attitude is laughter and the Love in my heart only belongs to my two sons Lou & Eric my kings... I will leave you longing for more of me if you read my books.. My beloved son Lourod & Eroc Rodriguez are the main source of my heart beat and the true love I embrace ... Leilou is my pen name. I enjoy writing poetry and short stories about people I meet along the way...
'A True Gypsy' The Labrynth begins here.
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2many 2mention
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Dark edge with Class
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2many 2mention
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Maxfield Parish/Vango
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Lord I am not worthy to recieve you

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