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Kasandra Zaragoza

This story is about something that we all need to have. But its holds two things that is hard too understand. We all need to find the right tune for our hearts. Like a heart for Adventure, or love or even songs. The meaning of our lives, and the end of them. I right to understand. Humans do things to understand there meaning. Weather knowing it or not. Humans are complex. Humans and the root of evil. And the blossom of Hope. The symbol of death. And Life. This is all because humans have two spirits inside of them. A spirit of fear, and of love. It all depends which one you choice to follow. If you listen to fear, the all the negatives of life with consume you if you hold on for to long. Fear can be a good thing too. Love will guid you to live happiness, but too much can be overwhelming. You must balance and control those spirits. Don't let your feelings overwhelm and control our soul. If you choice not to follow either nothing will happen. Your life will be empty.
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Gail Cariger
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Rise of The Guardians
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Its not death, but dying that terrible.

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