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  • Young Author Press Gift Card

    Inspring The Gift of Lifetime

    The Perfect Gift for Children of All Ages!

Wonder what would be the best gift for your gifted child, grandchild, student, niece, nephew or cousins? Search no more! The Young Author Press Gift Card is the most unique and inspiring gift you can give to a young person. Great writing skills and an amazing sense of creativity - it's the ideal combination, and our Young Author Press gift card can help you give the gift of imagination 2.0 to your young author.

Writing with a purpose is the single best way to help your child build high quality work, and what could be more exciting to your child than the chance to see a real, print book FOR SALE with his or her name on it? Few things could prove more motivating, and that's what makes our YAP gift card so unique.

It's inspiration like never before, and it's the BEST gift you don't want to overlook. Tap into your child's creativity and send the most inspired gift for that special young person, today!

How Does the YAP Gift Card Work?
  • 1. One YAP Gift Card means access to one Young Author Press Package (see the Program Details section for the benefits involved.)
  • 2. In order to redeem the gift card, the recipient needs to register as a Bookemon member using the same email address that was used to email the YAP Gift Card.
  • 3. To redeem the gift card, you can simply click the "Redeem this YAP Gift Card" link in the email. You can also redeem your YAP Gift Card going to "My Gift Cards" under myHome by entering the "Gift Code" in the email.
  • 4. After the YAP Gift Card is redeemed, a unique YAP Code is assigned to a YAP Package. Clicking "my YAP Codes" on the left side of myHome page reveals all the YAP Codes that belong to your account.

When you are ready to publish your book under Young Author Press, you can publish@YAP and use your YAP code."

Bookemon for Young Authors

Program Details

A Young Author Press package costs $99 per published book and includes the following features:
  • Standard Features
  • 1
    A unique ISBN-13 "International Standard Book Number" and barcode assigned to the published book.
  • 2
    Book title, description and author information will be submitted into the ISBN database for worldwide circulation.
  • 3
    A hard copy of the book will be sent to the author upon publication.
  • Opt-In Features
    (at discretion of author, no extra cost)
  • 4
    Book title to be listed on Amazon's catalogue, available for sale to the public.
  • 5
    Book title to be included in Bookemon's Young Author Press new title quarterly press releases.
  • Product Image
The Perfect Gift for Children of All Ages!

YAP package can be purchased prior to publishing a new book or to republish an existing one. (Bookemon membership is required; see guardian permission for children under 13.)

Your purchase options are:

  • 1. One or more YAP package(s) for your own book(s).
  • 2. One YAP Gift Card for a Young Author.
  • 3. One or more YAP package(s) purchased by edCenter founder for their members.

Educator members enjoy special discounts of 20% (Quantity 1-4) and 40% (Quantity 5+).

A unique code is assigned to each YAP package, enter the code as requested when you publish your book under Young Author Press using Publish@YAP or RePublish@YAP command.

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