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Bookemon Educator Program

Uniquely designed for educators worldwide, Bookemon's educator program offers a comprehensive set of book creation tools
in a secure, private online environment for teachers to use book projects as an inspiring, creative learning tool for their students.

Enjoy the following benefits when you join Bookemon's Educator Program

Free to create your own edCenter, a secure, private online environment to make school books, yearbooks or school projects collaboratively.

Special 10% discounts to purchase your own books.

Special 10% discounts for every member of an edCenter to purchase their books.

Up to 40% discounts to purchase Young Author Press package for members of your edCenter.

What people are saying
  • “This is one of my all time favorite creative tools. Very versatile. Great for making "buddy books" or for teacher-created learning "books." Make one as a whole class to summarize a science unit in primary grades. I even use it personally to make fee online "gifts" for children I know. I did purchase one print version, and it looked great.”

  • “We could upload our own pictures, but the service also let us search for free photos and art on the Internet. Our end result was a book that could rival any in a store with superior quality paper, a thick cover and a glossy finish.”

  • “Bookemon offers a service created mostly as a service for people that intend to eventually order copies of the yearbook in print, however the online design tool is free, and the site even offers sample books and a calculator to see how much printed book orders will cost.”

  • “ is a website where you (your kids) can create your/their own custom books-it's a great way to add creativity, technology, and fun to any homeschool program...
    Bookemon even has an area on their site specifically for educators--a secure spot for school projects. It can be found here. Regarding the Bookemon's Educator Program...”

What is an edCenter?

edCenter, a feature available only to educator members is a safe, private, online book project center for teachers
and students. Each edCenter features

Group Privacy

At the discretion of the edCenter founder, books and information can only be accessed by its members.

Mobile Access

Using bookPress or Bookemon mobile apps, you can access your edCenter via iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Student Accounts

Teacher can add student accounts without the use of email addresses, thus gaining added privacy and ease of oversight on students' works.


Easy to use management tools for edCenter founder and their invited assistants to oversee activities and membership of their edCenter.


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