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Angela and the Alpaca | by Michelle Wiggins

The Mysterious Legend of Nightrough Sero | by Jaclyn Ann Svesnik. (Psst. That's me!)

The Golden Tree | Front Cover

Picture Book (fiction)

How Your Dog Loves You | Front Cover

Bookmon - publishing for kids

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To The Zoo With YOU | by Ann Holder

Book of Sketches, soon to be published

Legend of Quillwork Girl & her Seven Star Brothers

Zigzag | by Pam S. Connor

Demented Days | by Eve's 'red' October

Lithuim | by Eve's 'Red' October

'Dandelions' | by Eve's 'Red' October

Interrupted | by Eve's Red October / Leilou

Ava | by Leilou/productions

'Constant Cravings' | by eve's Red october / Leilou Production

Divine Magic | by Leilou

Skinned | by Leilou

Black Widow | by Leilou

Dead to publishers 'Alive for Poetry' | by Leilou/Products All Rights Reserved

Leilou | by Leilou Productions

lipstick for gypsies | by Leilou Productions

'Capricorn' | by eve's Red october By Leilou Production

Borderline?! | by Eve's 'Red' October

Gypsy | by Leilou Productions

Eve's Red October | by Leilou/evlyncolon

#13 Poet Society | by Leilou/Eve's Red October

The Copper Penny

Girlz of Hope | by Ruth

Barney & Friends Autograph | by brandontu

A Glimpse Into My Life | by Annie

Randolph | by Jacob Hoisington

Stubbs Family of Howell Cross Roads | by Stanley Blackburn

Kackman Family History | by Stephanie Murack

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top homeschool products

F.E.A.S.T. Family Recipes | by Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders

Declutter | Page 58

Edible Family Recipes Vol. II | by Crystal Eve Ezzo

Stephen F. Austin | by LibraryMom

Devon And The Quadruplets | by Kimberly Thorman

Happy Hammy Hamilton | by Alex Del Castillo, Tanner Elkins, Victoria Price, and TaJay Williams

Children's Book - 'Sophie's Little Miracle' by Nikki Ann Messer...this is a sweet children's storybook that was written by me, and illustrated by my son. What a great gift it would make! It can be purchased at this link:

WHEN I GROW UP An Alice Adventure | by Ellie May

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