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Author • Anointed inspirational speaker of the gospel. She has been a member of the apostolic Church of Jesus Christ for 11 years and a previous member of Grace Temple Pentecostal Church for 14 years. She has been commissioned to devote her talents to the Altar Evangelism and Outreach Deliverance Ministry for the past twenty years.
Prophetess Alcanter is a licensed minister. She is currently hold a AA from
Penn Valley and BA from University of Missouri, now seeking for her Master
in Counseling and Active teacher.
She has encouraged and transformed many. This is her first training
manual that will be published. This is to encouraged those who which to upgrade or enlighten their Altar Evangelism and Outreach skills. She prays that you will trust the Lord Jesus Christ moment by moment with the care of your heart and discover the awesome plan that God has for your life, in Altar Evangelism, soul wining and deliverance.
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King James

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