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Who is America King?
One of the top writers of the 19th & 20th century's.
In 2008 he formed a fully functional production campany
"Gauped Up" ent.
creating movies ,music videos ,music ,gospel & rap dvd documentarys. America's most notible work of literature is the Quran (in english the Bible)
In 2007 & 2008 America jumped back in to his most profitable (finacially & mentally) business ventures .Writing music for some of todays top Artist Jay-z (American Gangsta sound track)
Rick Ross "The boss" & more.
This new drive comes from a awaking of the power of hip hip
"Im a writer my goal is to reach people with my literature this is just the most popular and most effective for my demographic the youth"
With a silent partnership with most major labels this Author is not looking for a record deal just to help artist expand this culture of hip hop.
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