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Bones Mcgavin
Fresno Ca
About Me
Born and raised in central California now 33 years old, lost in an undicided world. I have traveled many roads, all with caution signs reading "unpaved road ahead". Im yet to make it all the way down any one road. I met an increadible women who has changed my life. She has inspired me to write this book.

My first book was created in sixth grade. "The adventures of Mr Toast & Mr. Bacon" circa 1986ish.. It was a smash hit.. with myself. I won a highly acclaimed award which I also created for .. myself. I was inspired to create another book, "Capt Iguana". A super hero iguana in a world of clumsy, croked humans. Regreatable, this one never took off and it is still pending the story board. My bio.. To be continued....
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alternitve, rock
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Ian Williams

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