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Grandma Marie is the best cook in the world, if not the universe. Grandma loves us and we love her and we all know this cause she cooks for us and we love to eat her food. Grandma was born in ? in ???? her parents are Alice and ? Coleman. She met and married Grandpa, Phil Klein. Grandpa and Grandma have 4 kids, Tony, Rhonda, Bevan and Brent all have aspired to cook just like their mum. But it is the grandkids that really benefit from Grandma's cooking, Tessa, Zach, Gabi, Reggie, Ashley, Cameron, Dominee, Broderick, Rebecca and Myles and without hesitation place their order regularly. Poor Grandma, a slave to her passion. I hope this is just the first of a series of recipe books that Grandma makes because it'll be great for her great grandkids and future generations to taste all the love and warmth shown. inlaws and outlaws
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