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Lithia Springs
About Me
I am a mother of three. My youngest is 8 and my oldest is 12. They keep me occupied. They are a handful, yet they are my world. I am a southern girl. I have a highly creative side. In the past, I was apart of two bands, however, I have not been very active in the music ent. business lately. I am a music producer/ writer/ singer. I love photography, watching movies, and gardening. I love to go dine out, go bowling and stuff like that. I'm still young, but I've left the club life alone. I'm attending online classes with plans to become a teacher, and (or) social worker. I love to write and lately I've been thinking that I should start trying to get some exposure with it all.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
Marriage Mayhem, by Samuel L. Hair
Favorite Writer
Favorite Book Genre
Drama, Romance
Favorite Band or Artist
Beyonce, Kate Perry, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blidge
Favorite Music Genre
Pop, R&B, alternative, soft rock
Favorite Movie
The Notebook
Favorite Artist
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