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About Me
Prayer does make a difference!

Prayer has become much more than requests to get what I want from God. It has become a realignment of everything. In prayer, I am moved from my selfish point of view to rise and see the speck in my own eye. When this happens, I know God already cares about my concerns--my sister's cancer, my prayer partners, New Vision Church family, my children--more than I do.

I need Jesus and there is no other way for me but through His blood and His righteousness.. Daily I pray without ceasing and daily I received Divine Guidance.Prayer is my lifeline to know and do my Father's will.

Who am I? I am not the only one who has wrestled with God or who has endured a time of wildness and testing. I am learning how to adore God, something that does not come naturally to me. Prayers based on the Bible help me to recognize God's voice.
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