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About Me
I am a reader, and a writer, a doer, a seer, a drawer. I wish I played the guitar. I travel to distant lands, in my mind and in my life. I'm growing. I change. I take deep breaths and blow them out at the moon. I am a girl. I am a student. I am an actor. I am a sister. I am many things. I love. I stand in the rain. I stand in the sun. I cry sometimes. I am a walker. I go on long walks. I am a tea drinker. I am a sit-in-the-mall-and-watch-people thinker. I like the sounds of the city, and dissect graffiti like Picasso. But I also dissect Picasso. I hate the cold. But what should I write as my biography...that you would really want to know?
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The Old 97's
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Don't ask the meaning of life; give life a meaning

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