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Murfreesboro, Tennesse
13 and 1/2
About Me
Im 13 and a half i love to sing be weird and express my self one of my mottos are to be weird if everyone os cool then no one would be! i have 3 siblings and i now live in Utah but my mind will always be on the moon and my heart in the clouds. i want to be either a writer or an astronamer when i grow up or one of thoughs people who travel around the world telling the news and latest updates! I still am desiding between getting my masters degree or my doctorets degree( most likely my masters because im not very good around blood and i think its just for doctors dentist adn vetranaryies) im terrible at speling but my typing is pretty good!
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
cross my heart an hope to spy
Favorite Writer
Ally Carter
Favorite Book Genre
Favorite Band or Artist
Favorite Music Genre
show tunes
Favorite Artist
Michelangelo Buonarroti
Personal Quote
express your self if you dont where would you be?

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