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The Harrison Kids consist of 8 children, all girls. Taylor Daniels Harrison is 15, Lauren Larson Harrison is 13, Payton Elizabeth Harrison is 11, the quads (now triplets) Gracelyn Madison Harrison, Elliston Jenna Harrison, Eleanor Hannah Harrison who are 9 and our five year old Natalie McKenna Harrison. As you may know originally we had nine children. Annica Jane Harrison 9, will greatly be remembered. Our children all get competitive so our motto is Competition is life. Natalie is involved in the Newbie comapany of dance and takes recreation gymnastics and cheer. All quads (now triplets) are involved with (KCAC) Kansas City Athletic Cheer. Annica and Gracie were part of Diamonds Gymnastics level 5 and Ledance Petite Company. Payton is a KCAC stunter and a MAVS 2 volleyball palyer. Lauren plays volleyball for her school and Southwind 2 while Taylor plays school volleyball and Blue Valley Stars soccer
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Competition is life

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