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A Little About the Author: Amber McElhaney
Amber Marie McElhaney was born in Escondido on August 14, 19196. She is a young
girl who enjoyed writing journals in school. She was in Pathfinders, getting ready for a
overnight backpacking trip like the one in her book. “One Night,” say the young writer “I
had what you call a preview of a story about a bunch of Pathfinders in the same
predicament as these ones. When I woke, I knew I just had to write about it.” She worked
for days and nights writing it out, then checking over it and reading it over and over again
before she typed it. “I had the whole thing memorized,” Amber says as she explains her
relationship with the book “It is almost as if the characters are real to me and that’s what I
wanted to give readers, a real, believable story.”
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Breaking Dawn
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Dr. Sues
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Mission 6
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Dead and Gone-T.I & Justin Timberlake
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Friends are growing, and painful

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