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"I choose to give myself away as the experiences of life have made me wealthy beyond my years . The hope, healing, social wellness revealed to me through my God provides these gifts to mankind through my green mile of life.

As and advocate for human rights, civil rights, disability rights, a mentor, a social scientist, a wife, mother and most of all "A SERVANT" TO THE MOST HIGH GOD JEHOVAH. My gifts I lay at his feet by sharing the power of forgiveness, restoration and the power in the name of Jesus to transition anyone into a wellness state of mind. The good, bad and ugly experiences of Corporate America and communities can either grow you or make you paralyzed for the future. If you choose to learn how to get up from oppression continue to share my LIFE- I offer it freely to you in order to grow and heal not just my soul but, the Soul of MY MEMPHIS.

Dr. King once said, "He was concerned about the soul of America". So, I created the first degree at the University of Memphis to finish his unfinished works as a GOD SERVANT to the least of these; the people . Social Wellness and community research resource development will provide you with my over 20 years as a Victim Advocate, community organizer, Government liasion and 10 years of Global Operational Management skills, insight and knowledge.

With my bonus to you of a cyber connectivity which includes over 30 years of mentoring and crisis intervention of youth and at risk families with skills, life coaching, mentoring, program designes and solutions which work for you.
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John Egerton
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Tracy Chapman
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Selma oh Selma
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Lauren Hill
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Evil Triumphs when good men do nothing

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