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Better known as Jellie, Anjelika is in love with writing, addicted even. Her world is her's alone, and she isn't afraid to share what she believes or percieves with anyone, especially her work. Her style permeates with her passions in cyber and steampunk, gothic, fantasy and pure fiction. Ideas come as naturally as breathing to her, and she isn't afraid to show it.

A Greek teen, this girl knows no limits and won't let anything stand in her way ever again, especially in the way of her dreams. She loves playing videogames and watching animated movies, music being an extension of her soul. She wouldn't be anything without her friends, and thanks them everyday for it. She keeps her imagination alive by either scaring herself silly by playing games like Slender, or by reading books or watching Disney movies.

With words, she bleeds.
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Witch&Wizard Series
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Ridley Pearson, James
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Owl City and Imagine Dragons
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Alternative and Techno
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Wreck-It Ralph and Tangled
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"With words, I bleed."

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