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About Me
My name is Virginia Appleberg, I am a loving and caring person, and I always put myself before others. I have had my share of ups and downs, but that doesnt stop me.I always stand up for what is right, even if I might have to face some consequences. I work at a treatment center as a teacher. I love my work, and everything that goes along with it. Some people might think I am crazy because I work with tuff kids, but I enjoy working with them. Everyday is different with my students, one day it might be a fight, and the next we might be raping my poems in class. Besides from being with my students i enjoy spending time with my kids, Andrew and Katie that I love very much and would do anything for. Weither its fighting for their rights at school or just taking them to the movies, I do my best to be the best mom in the world.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
mouse and the motorcycle
Favorite Writer
Beverly Cleary
Favorite Book Genre
Favorite Band or Artist
Colton Dixon
Favorite Music Genre
Favorite Movie
brides maids
Personal Quote
what doesnt kil you makes you stronger

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