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Well where does on begin to tell about how they were drawn to a spiritual path. I believe that we all choose our lifes path before entering this world called life!, this is the school of hard knocks, and in my own way have graduated through my own choices and thoughts. Things outside of mtself were not responsible for my final outcomes, I know this now, when I was young I was always drawn to esoteric beings and the unknown, as I grew older, my faith and love for this area grew. I have attented some seminars and have read lots of books, I have found an inner peace and a knowing that makes me happy and I feel keeps me young in my heart. I have never lost my inner child, or the belief in magic!, there is much in keeping the spirit young and full of promise. Yes I know, you are saying why do all these bad things happen to people, and why would a powerful being such as God allow all this to happen!, I to have questioned this actions of life, I truly believe that if a force so great could intervene it would, the thing is, it's not supposed to, we must, each and everyone of us live out the full totality of our evolution, regardless of the tragedy or devistation it bestowes upon us. For me, mine may be less than some and more than others, yet as we all do, I have carried my own cross of pain. There is no ther way to grow and enlighten, then through disappointment, who would learn anything if everything was wonderful! we would not be able to appreciate anything or miss it when it was gone, Life is what we have chosen and what we make for ourselves through the power of our thoughts and feelings, we are personallities expressing ourselves through these qualities. I grew up in a poor enviorment, in a time I'm happy to say, that was filled with very little fear and intimidation!, I never felt poor, I was born in 1959, am today 50 and fabulous! and even though there was mental and emotional abuse to a degree, It was a lovely time to grow up in. My parents faught all the time, and we were 5 people in a 2 bedroom appartment, not much room for privacy and growth, the arguments my parents had, had their affect on all of us, but we all went different ways and followed different paths, none of which I will desclose here. This is totally for me, and my happiness in making new discoveries everyday still, as to why I chose my circumstances, and patterns, my new age path has helped me to understand and realize I have been responsible for all my relationships, good or painful, my finances and my employment, I got everything I wanted, and anything I didn't get, I never really deep down wanted. My ego has always played a big part in my achievments and conquests, I'm only starting to understand now, why nothing lasted, and where real love and lasting commitments will arise from, no matter how old we are, or how much we think! we know, we will never stop growing or learning till our last breathe. This little book I have put together, is also a website I have created in the same name, I hope to share my learning and growth, un the hope, that if someone, who feels lost, depressed, confused or abused! will find an answer here, what I have put together has nothing to do with religion, it's purely spiritually based, If we all really understood Christs Teachings, none of us would feel the pain and disappointment we do in everyday life, this is not a lie, but fact, I have only recently come to discover the peace and love he percieved in a world of fear which he inhabbited. Forgiveness is our greatest tool and healer, and love the greatest force in the universe, when man understands, that he and God are one, and that heaven and hell are within us, the world will continue to suffer as it does. The planet needs a 180deg shift in perception, and only when we speak with love, think with love, and act from love can this be achieved, Yhe one thing I'm glad for , is that I feel and think as I do, I know I'm not alone,nor will I ever be, this little book describes the practice of the Chakra system which helps and has helped me heal ailments and hurts, combined with the teaching's of Christ and an undrstanding, of the love and sacrifice he made for us, my life is more peaceful and content, being successful is not about making a million dollars, or owning lots of houses and cars, it's knowing your own power, and not being or letting others abuse and belittle you, saying yes when you mean it, and no when you don't really want to do something, without feeling bad, real power and success is loving yourself and valuing you as a human being, it took me 30 years, but as they say in the classic's! it's never too late!!. I hope you like what I have put together, it's not fancy, it's just mine, also please visit my website and, 2 different types of websites, I hope you will enjoy, Love and Light to all.
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love is real, everything else is the illusion

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