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About Me
I've always enjoyed the arts. Whether it was doodling a picture on my notebook when I was bored in class, to playing a few strings on my violen. Writing books/poetry is also one of my favorite things to do. My friends have just recently discoved this site and recommended it to me, I became instantly hooked. I know i don't have a lot of works to choose from....(a book that only has the covers and a proplogue)....but soon I will have many more.

So keep writing, keep being imaginative, keep living outside the box, and fill the world with your artistic stamp!
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book Genre
Fantasy, Mystery, Action
Favorite Band or Artist
Owl City, Reel Big Fish, Maroon 5
Favorite Music Genre
Rock, Ska, Punk, and a little bit of Pop
Favorite Movie
Shawshank Redemption, Star Wars
Favorite Artist
Pablo Picasso
Personal Quote
Be yourself, cause' being someone is too difficult

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