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la vida loca
Venice , ca
About Me
i am a person i feel of fine character and cleverley witty when inspired. laughter is good medicine and a valuum even better .what about those Giants , Becky look at her butt. rack city bitch , 10, 10 10 20 on them tiities bitch, im on one , throwin hunds hunds /, miss minaj has just left the building . bbb big Sean boy hhhow big is your ? gimme all ur money and all of your residuals. ,. young money melisha recording artists gettin rich ..
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
i don't have one i like ery few
Favorite Writer
Marshall Mathers aka ....rapper eminem / m *m
Favorite Book Genre
non fiction ./ biography /comedy
Favorite Band or Artist
Dewayne Carter III aka ... Lil Wayne
Favorite Music Genre
rap music /hip hop/ R& R
Favorite Movie
clay pigeons
Favorite Artist
Michelle Cross
Personal Quote
i did not sign up for this here shit ok ,.... lis

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