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Despite my past difficulties I am a very strong, well-educated individual. I know what I want to make out of this journey we call life. I only seek to be happy. There is so much ugly in the world that's turned me astray, but I'm searching for the pieces that make this world beautiful again. I have a very deep mind, most would not understand. If you could have a glimpse inside, you'd probably suffocate.

It saddens me to see people focus on the negative when there's so much good out in the world and everything that's offered out there. I have my down times, but I always pick myself up and focus on a positive path. I believe people are too quick to judge one another. I love meeting new people and keeping true friends. I don't judge people by how they look, I'm more interested in their mind, what they can offer me and teach me. Knowledge is my power.
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Ellen Hopkins

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