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A designer, artist, lover, father and friend, his own words capture the spirit and life of this well-loved man: "My ancestors were English sailing ship captains, Irish light house keepers, Austrian farmers, German merchants, American entrepreneurs, railroad electricians, teachers, maids, orphans, Chicago street kids, nuns and prison inmates. I was raised with seven brothers and sisters in Los Angeles amid orange trees, riots, earthquakes, happenings and smog. There are saints, sinners, rascals, actors, artists, showgirls, millionaires, paupers, gangsters, leaders, followers, dreamers and travelers in my blood. I was taught about freedom at Berkeley and San Francisco State during the free speech movement; about power and control by the emerging women's movement; about choice by the Vietnam War; about beauty and ugliness by the poetry, painting, music and dance of the 60s; about philosophy by the Jesuits and friends; about connections by Marshall and Uncle Bob; about the beat by the Beach Boys, Beatles and Doors; about fear by the bomb; about sexuality by lovers and Ulysses; about resistance by Martin; about light and dark by broken road weary motorcycles; about warm and cool by men and women in burnt sienna and cobalt blue; about humor by Steve Allen and Soupy Sales; about teaching by story tellers, myth makers and magicians; about dishonesty by Nixon and Reagan; about adventure by Huck; about space by sputnik and HAL; about design by the birth of my children; about cooking by Julia Child; about cinema by Fellini; about dreams by Antonio Gaudi; about creativity by students young and old. I measure my life in pica and points; in promises and pledges; in inches and centimeters; in friends and lovers; in teaching in SF, SLO, LA and teachers at SCU, Otago and Otis; in em and en spaces and dashes; in moments of silence and years of yelling; in short walks and tall tales; in this moment and what could have been; in awards and successes; in keyboard shortcuts and Photoshop layers; in style sheets and style guides; in insights and visions."
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