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Bonjour, Je m'appelle Nina.. Lol, that means Hello, in french. Anyways, I'm Nina and I'm sort of new to Bookemon.

You're probably wanting to know about me, hm? Well, I'm fourteen years old and I do live in the U.S.A!

I like speaking French around people, so most people can't understand what I'm saying.. I am trying to learn it so someday I can visit Paris, France.

(Someday I will!) It's my dream to travel there, and stay a month or two.. I am an artsy person, who loves pretty much any kind of art, especially if it's abtract.

I like sweet tea, WITH lemon of course! And VANILLA MILKSHAKES<3!! Call me crazy, but I actually don't like chocolate just so you know..

Just because I know it makes you fat XD Haha.. Anyways, BYEEE!!!
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