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Otan Vargas
Tondo Manila Philippines
About Me
Otan Vargas is a Filipino who moved to the United States in 2006. Born on October 4, 1984 to Romeo Vargas, a folk singer himself and to Venus Vargas, a businesswoman.

He is proud to say that he was born and raised in Tondo, known to be the poorest place in Manila.

His honest music captivated fans from all over the world via the internet, giving testimonials of how its melancholy touched them beautifully. His sad songs were inspired by his very own experiences, moods, and emotions. They are sung diaries, so to speak.

Alone with his acoustic guitar and his indescribable dismal voice, Otan Vargas’ words and melody enigmatically brings sanguinity despite of its evoking sadness that only a few can hold.
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Otan Vargas
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Acoustic Grunge Rock
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My life is not about me

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