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Penny D Sherwood
About Me
As an Activist faced with multiple hidden challenges, I chose to advocate other's to become empowered, educated and encouraged to live independently. Choosing self-sufficiency to make decisions of their choice.

In my childhood years I was diagnosed with hearing challenges. Growing through years, at that time, were somewhat difficult, until I was introduced to entities assisting those with dis-Abilities. Later in life, in my child bearing years, a mental illness came to surface. I wasn't aware that it can be hereditary.

Through all these years experiencing hidden challenges, difficulties in employment, relationships, public, I finally found my niche that I feel comfortable and happy doing.

I have a long history of education, employment, and experience with challenges faced daily. I, now spread awareness and education online to others who at times find challenges in their daily lives.

Continuing with my mission, I hope to be a part of changes in a variety of laws.
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"Together We Can and Together We Will"

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