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About Me
iam in a marching band i love pizza icecream cake and cookies my fav candy is sour toxic waste candy i love it i play symbals and snare drum in the band iam pretty and i love making books its call kids club its all bout my peers in my school and classroom iam in the 8th grade i go 2 a A school yep thats right its good i love it i have so many posters of justin bieber and nicki minaj and michael jackson yeah i no alot well thats mosty everything good luck everone
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
juni b jones and goosebumbps
Favorite Writer
r.l stine and barbra parks
Favorite Book Genre
scary and funny and mystery
Favorite Band or Artist
nicki minaj and justin bieber
Favorite Music Genre
hip hop and rap
Favorite Movie
alvina nd the chipmunks 1 and 2
Favorite Artist
michael jackson and prince
Personal Quote
express urself in ur own way

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