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Dallas TX
About Me
I love being around my friends and scaring them, but every time i do they think they can get back at me, well truth is, its really hard to scare me. I love to laugh at anything and i think even the things that aren't funny are hilarious. I love dogs and i have really loopy handwriting.

All of my friends tel me that i should become a writer when i grow up. Oh here's something funny, whenever i don't have a new chapter for my friends to read the next time that i see them they start to hit me and tell me to keep writing, but i love it because it shows that they care. Oh and if you see a mistake tell me because i am terrible at punctuation.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
Anna and the French Kiss
Favorite Writer
Stephanie Meyer
Favorite Book Genre
fiction, fantasy
Favorite Music Genre
Favorite Movie
Snow White and the Huntsman
Personal Quote
live your life the way you want to

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