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At twenty years of age, despite a career already full of successes, Larissa Hill is now back with a new perspective on her own career.

Moving away from Australia to the UK, Larissa began to shed some of the layers that she had built up over the years under the spotlight of public attention, and in doing so began a transition from her slightly sheltered existence into that of a woman with a career, a relationship, and her own identity.

She began working with the 'Imperial War Museum' of London City in 2008 researching the Holocaust and other various subjects. She moved on to Wartime Living in 2010 and took up writing for 'History Today Magazine'. Over this time she had written many short stories and 3 fictional books unpublished. She is now covered by the 'History Press Specialist History Publisher'.

Larissa currently lives in Brisbane, Australia. She is to become a published author in 2012 with her inspiring story of her grandmothers childhood in London 1940's.
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