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About Me
I am 49 and married to my best friend, Gary. We have been married 24 years. I have the best, most compassionate pet, Codylynne. She is our guardian angel sent from God when we needed her most. I have had alot of thing happen in my life, some funny, some sad. I have a tendency to reminise with my friends and many of them have told me that I should write a book about my life experiences. I have also been told I should be a comedian because I can find humor in even the most difficult times. If you don't find a way to laugh about some of your trials, you will go crazy. I don't know if I am an author or comedian material, but figure, what the heck. Give it a try.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
A Painted House (one of many)
Favorite Writer
John Grisham
Favorite Book Genre
Favorite Band or Artist
Pink Floyd - The Wall
Favorite Music Genre
Southern Rock, Rock, Country
Favorite Movie
Stand By Me
Favorite Artist
Renoir - The Therrace - 1876
Personal Quote
Why take life so serious, you won' get out alive

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